Migration is a global phenomenon affecting all times and communities in terms of social, economic and political context

The social acceptance of immigrants by the host societies has always been a key challenge for the EU.

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MMN International Conference: Organization, coordination and support of migratory flows and integration in the EU. The Mediterranean Migration Network (MMN), with the coordination of the International Research Centre CARDET and the consulting firm Innovade LI ltd..

Το διεθνές ερευνητικό κέντρο CARDET,  σε συνεργασία με την εταιρεία συμβούλων INNOVADE, σας προσκαλούν να συμμετέχετε στο ετήσιο διεθνές συνέδριο του Μεσογειακού Δικτύου Μετανάστευσης (ΜΔΜ)

Join the Mediterranean Migration Network webinar session with Mr. Demetris Hadjisofocli, Chief Executive Officer, InnovADE Ltd (Nicosia, Cyprus), a consultancy firm created and staffed by a team of professionals with more than twenty years of experience combined in business development, innovation, operations, technology, quality assurance, and education..

The purpose of the Mediterranean Migration Network (MMN) sustainability and exploitation plan is to outline the future of the program and the use of valuable knowledge gained from it. The sustainability and exploitation plan contains details about the actions and activities of the MMN along with the research carried out during the program duration...

The Cyprus Guide is composed of thematic units providing information covering all aspects of daily life in Cyprus in order to support the integration of TCNs and their participation in the economic, social and cultural life of the island. The Guide is available in different languages covering the main mother tongues of TCNs in Cyprus...

Migration and integration of Third Country Nationals in host countries is one of the main priorities of the EU. In this framework, the Mediterranean Migration Network - MMN (www.migrationnetwork.org/en/), since 2012, works towards the collaboration and exchange of good practices among public and private stakeholders active in the fields of migration and integration...