Migration is a global phenomenon affecting all times and communities in terms of social, economic and political context. Over the past few years a rising number of migrants who seek international protection is observed. Mediterranean Migration Network (MMN) carried out several focus groups and analysis in order to evaluate the response of the EU in this subject. Although the member states have adopted various good practices on national level, it is observed that local stakeholders lack the capacity to address these issues on the front line.

As a result the team of the Mediterranean Migration Network has developed two new modules on order to help with the capacity building of local stakeholders. The two modules are available in the official website of the MMN.

The first module focuses on the design, development and implementation of community intervention programs in order to promote social acceptance and awareness of migrants. The module aims to help local stakeholders to realise the basic principles and values ​​of social planning in the development of community interventions.

The second module focuses on the design, development and implementation of organizational and multidisciplinary collaborations to promote effective integration services for migrant groups in local communities.

Upon successful completion of all the online courses, participant will be able to receive the relevant certificate of attendance.

The Mediterranean Migration Team also provides several workshops, seminars and conferences. All the material developed and provided during these activities are accessible through the MMN e-library.

The Mediterranean Migration Network will continue to work towards the professional development of its members through educational material, policy papers and activities. New members to participate in the MMN and follow its activities and progresses, can register on its online platform. The MMN provides, among others, opportunities for networking to its members for further collaboration, capacity building and exchange of good practices. The Mediterranean Migration Network is managed by the international research centre CARDET and the consultancy firm INNOVADE.