The Mediterranean Migration Network was officially launched during a two-day kick-off meeting at the University of Nicosia on March 1-2, 2012. The meeting was organized by the MMN coordinator, the research and development centre, CARDET.

Present at the meeting were the Minister of Interior, Mr. Neoclis Sylikiotis, Dr. Michalis Attalides, and representatives from public and private organizations from Cyprus and Europe. Among the organizations represented, were the International Organization for Migration(IOM), the Migration Policy Group (MPG) based in Brussels, Oxfam Italia, the Central Agency for the Reception of Asylum Seekers from the Netherlands, High Commission for Immigration and Intercultural Dialogue (ACIDI) from Portugal, the Ministry of Education and Culture, the Ministry of Labour and Social Insurance, the Civil Registry and Migration Department, other relevant public services, NGOs, and Union representatives.

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MMN Focus GroupOn February 8, 2012, the Mediterranean Migration Network (MMN) held its first focus group workshop with Cypriot public and private stakeholders working in the fields of migration and integration. The workshop took place at the offices of the MMN coordinator, CARDET. The workshop was attended by representatives from CARDET, Innovade, the Ministry of Interior, the Department of Solidarity Funds, the University of Nicosia, the Open University of Cyprus and KISA - Action for Equality, Support, Antiracism. The purpose of the workshop was to identify the needs of the participating stakeholders, and their expectations from their potential involvement in the MMN. Furthermore, the workshop was an opportunity for the coordinator to receive feedback and suggestions on the development of the MMN online platform. Relevant activities will also be organized through web-conferencing with other European and Mediterranean stakeholders. CARDET will draft an informal report, based on which the work plan of the MMN will be developed and finalized at the official kick-off meeting of the MMN(Nicosia, Cyprus, 1-2 March).

The international research centre CARDET and the consultancy firm INNOVADE, have undertaken the role to establish and coordinate the Mediterranean Migration Network (MMN), in the context of the Action “Establishment of multilateral networks with Mediterranean countries” (Action 7, European Integration Fund for Third Country Nationals, Annual Programme 2010).

The network’s aim is to promote collaboration and exchange of ideas and practices among public and private stakeholders that are active in the fields of migration and integration.

For details about the Action navigate through this website. To join the MMN, please register online or contact us.

The Action is co-funded by the European Integration Fund for Third Country Nationals (75%) and the Republic of Cyprus (25%).

CARDET and its partners have recently published an information toolkit on “Raising Awareness on Development Cooperation” in the context of the aforementioned EuropeAid project. The information toolkit has two main objectives. Firstly, by presenting the successful outcomes of the project, it aims to raise awareness on development cooperation and endorse the build-up of such partnerships among relevant stakeholders for further expansion of development cooperation. Secondly, the information toolkit aims to provide a theoretical framework, basic guidelines, and case studies for the integration of the proposed curriculum in the regular activities of NGOs and universities.

CARDET is proud to announce the launching of the online Development Education Curriculum, developed in the context of the EuropeAid project “Raising Awareness on Development Cooperation”. The curriculum is in direct alignment with the priorities of the MDG agenda, along with a special focus on gender equality and sub-Saharan Africa. The curriculum is composed of 8 online modules worth 4 ECTS (European Credit Transfer System) credits each and is designed for universities, NGOs, and other organisations that offer formal and informal education on the topic and could incorporate it (or part of it) in their programme. The target audience of the curriculum mainly consists of secondary education students, university students, pre-service and in-service teachers, NGO activists, academics, and public servants.

CARDET, the Family and Childcare Centre (Greece) , the Defence for Children International in Italy, and the Defence for Children - ECPAT in the Netherlands recently launched the project “GATE - Guardians for separated children Against Trafficking and any form of Exploitation: Standards and Training for the qualification of guardians for separated children against trafficking and exploitation”. The project has been awarded by the EU Directorate General of Home Affairs.

The 2012 Social Watch Report was launched recently and included the Cyprus Annual Report, which was prepared by CARDET. CARDET is the official representative of the European and the International Social Watch Network in Cyprus, contributing annual reports on issues like social rights, migrants, education, development, and poverty eradication.