Within the framework of the digital platform for youth and development, CARDET organizes a number of twinning with Cameroonian organisations to discuss education and development issues in Sub-Saharan Africa.

The 21st centrury has presented us with new opportunities and challenges and requires a different approach to development. In our fast-changing world, it is necessary for young people to acquire the knowledge, skills, values and attitudes to adapt. Global citizenship will help to ensure that young people are able to play a full and active part in society within the wider world both in the developed and in the developing world.

The first twinning will focus on development and education. Primary objective of the twinning is to bring closer and empower youngsters, to provide them a platform to reflect and discuss their vision on development cooperation, to give them the tools to understand the dynamics of development cooperation, to network with other youngsters in Europe and in Developing Countries, and to build their capacity to actively work in awareness raising and advocacy for sustainable development.

Project website: injawara.eu