European Commissioner Cecilia Malmström reacted to the new tragedy in the Mediterranean:

“Unfortunately, all efforts done on the field could not avoid new shocking deaths. The responsibility is clearly relying on all EU Member States, who must show concrete solidarity to reduce the risk of repetition of such tragedies, she said. By safely bringing those people to Europe, we will avoid that they fall in the hands of smugglers who put in danger their lives, she added. It is time that Member States step forward from intentions to actions, this is why I ask a formal discussion in the next Council for Home Affairs on how to concretely contribute to the migratory challenges in the Mediterranean Sea, she concluded.”


Terre des Hommes Italy position:

More deaths in the Mediterranean Sea. Terre des Hommes calls on the Italian Head of Government, Matteo Renzi, to urge the EU on humanitarian corridors

The shipwreck of a sea vessel carrying on board 400 migrants has put the appeal made last Friday by Terre des Hommes to the Italian Head of Government Matteo Renzi into the foreground. And so have the demands of the migrant children who had reached Italy and the ones of the local authorities left alone to tackle the reception of the migrants.

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[Information provided by KOPIN, member of the Destination Unknown Campaign]