The main objective of the project is to closely examine and strengthen the systems of monitoring and protection against child trafficking and exploitation in the four countries. The partnership aims to identify strategies and elements in law, policy and practice that have the potential to help strengthening child protection and social welfare systems so as to prevent child trafficking and exploitation in a more effective manner.

The main objective of the first IMPACT consultative workshop, held in May 2013, was to instigate critical as well constructive reflections, but also to capture the opinions as well as the information that participants were able to offer so as to potentially supplement the IMPACT research.

The second consultative workshop was attended by relevant stakeholders, including academics, NGO representatives, as well as social workers.

The second workshop placed a greater emphasis on the production of material and information which will be incorporated in the final national as well as transnational reports prepared in the context of this project. The material and information produced will also be incorporated in the training toolkit and will constitute an integral element in the design of the future national conferences scheduled to take place within the framework of IMPACT.

During the workshop, the project team delivered a presentation of risk/protection determinants, which was followed by a very vivid and well-structured discussion amongst the participants, who were able to express their views and recommendations based on their experiences and expertise on the protection system of Cyprus for children at risk and children victims of trafficking and exploitation.

There was also a working group session, where the participants were given a case study and were asked to identify the most appropriate actions, strategies and policies that had to be applied in the specific case, in regards to the p

rotection and support of a child at risk. The participants had the chance to offer their views, suggestions, and recommendations in relation to sources of protection and empowerment, and sources of risk and disempowerment. The outcomes of this session will inform and complement the Cypriot desk review of IMPACT.

On the whole, the participants exhibited an interest in regards to the content and aims of the second consultative workshop, and with their knowledge and expertise contributed significantly to the success of the workshop.