Migration is constantly highly prioritized in the majority of EU decision making processes and policy development in all fields. Initiatives, practices and tools, implemented at European and local level aim to enhance the management of documented migration, meet the challenges of undocumented migration flows, and boost the positive effects of migration on development. Migration is becoming one of the priorities on the global agenda and it is recognised as a powerful vehicle for advancing development in both countries of origin and destination. The integration of third-country nationals and the protection of their rights in accordance with international and European laws and standards, are not only ‘politically correct’ measures but they also add credibility to the European Union as “an area of freedom, security and justice” where democracy and the rule of law applies.

The aforementioned issues and challenges are the focus of the Mediterranean Migration Network (MMN). The Asylum, Migration and Integration Fund and the Republic of Cyprus continue their support to the Network in order to expand its membership and continue the cooperation among its members in addressing migration and integration issues in Europe and the Mediterranean Basin. One of the primary objectives of the network is to enhance cooperation among public and private stakeholders, encourage the exchange of information and good practices on migration and integration and identify new areas of collaboration among its members (i.e. new European project proposals).

You are invited to register at the online platform of the MMN in order to have full access to the MMN resources, be involved in funding opportunities, participate in its activities, get all new updates and communicate with other members.

MMN Members are invited to contribute to the MMN E-Library, by registering to the MMN online platform. Moreover, all MMN members are invited to send over, at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it., any news and developments on migration, they come across or are part of. We‘ll be happy to share with the rest of the Network!

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The MMN is managed by the independent, non-governmental, non-profit centre CARDET and the consulting firm INNOVADE

Other news

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